Project Progress

Development 50%
  • Project Supervisor: Mehdi Bagheri
  • Ending date: December 2017
  • Location: Nazarbayev University, Astana, Republic of Kazakhstan


Electricity plays significant role in people’s life and its importance can not be ignored. Nowadays electricity consumption is increasing around the World. Due to this high demand, amount of generated electricity is rising year by year, consequently more coal is burned and more harmful gases are produced. This issue can be reason for deterioration of Global Warming conditions. The purpose of this project is to decrease amount of waste electricity in office building by two specific methods. Namely, first approach is adjusting lighting and controlling electrical equipment regarding location and number of people in the room. Second method deals with harmonics inside the lamps, which cause losses and makes the system inefficient. Specifically, system will identify lamps with high level of harmonics. All of the activities are controlled by Arduino microcontroller. The final result will be model of small office room and mobile application on Android platform.

Project Team

Project team consists of Masters and PhD students from Nazarbayev university.

Team Leader: Sanzhar Kasymov

Medet Perdebek
Danabek Abildayev
Azamat Mukhatov


To contact the project group use one the following contact links:

Phone: +7 (707) 699 13 93


Address: Kabanbay Batyr 53, Astana, Republic of Kazakhstan

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