Nargiz Adilzhanova

Project Progress



Induction motors have a wide range of uses mainly in the industry. Being the main rotary forces in plants and
factories, they are subjected to heavy loads as well as to mechanical and electrical stresses. This causes
machinery malfunctioning during its performance. It is important to detect a rotary element’s anomalies at the
earliest stages from the economical point of view. To solve this issue, a real-time vibration monitoring system
for induction motors was proposed. The objective of this project is to develop an efficient fault detection
system and to develop a cloud-based database, to which the data comes in real-time.


Nargiz Adilzhanova is a master student at Nazarbayev University majoring at Electrical and Computer
Engineering. She has received a BEng degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from Nazarbayev
University in 2018. The interest sphere is Power Engineering. Currently, she is working on the project
regarding induction motor condition monitoring.

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Phone: +77479980369