Project Progress

Development 100%
  • Project Supervisor: Mehdi Bagheri
  • Ending date: May 2018
  • Location: Nazarbayev University, Astana, Republic of Kazakhstan


Today’s rapid increase of interest to the electricity market also leads to the improvement of charging technologies, mainly related to the charging of electric vehicles. The reason of this was caused by the movement for environmental protection, and due to the EVs eco-friendly principles, their commercialization and optimization are the main challenges for manufacturers. One of the main weak sides of EV technologies is their handheld charging, which is considered as time-consuming and inconvenient. The optimal solution for this problem has become Dynamic Wireless Charging, allowing drivers to charge their cars during motion. Thus this study focuses on control systems of Dynamic Wireless Charging, mainly concentrating on the switching between transmitting coils. Moreover, an equivalent model of dynamic wireless charging system of electric vehicles to analyze switch-on and switch off processes. Different characteristics of the system are considered, and the most appropriate features are established. Moreover, the effect of switch-on and switch-off processes on system currents is thoroughly studied.

Project Team

Project team consists of BSc capstone project students from Nazarbayev university.

Team Leader: Aidana Kalakova

Miras Maksut
Batyrbek Alimkhanuly
Anvar Khamitov
Aidana Kalakova


To contact the project group use one the following contact links:

Phone: +7 (777) 504-94-83


Address: Kabanbay Batyr 53, Astana, Republic of Kazakhstan

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