Zhuldyz Yelzhanova

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Power transformers are key elements of the power network. In many situations, they are the
cause of technical problems of the grid. They are very costly and are subject to continuous
different climatic, mechanical and electric conditions. Therefore, when a transformer is
damaged, it affects the entire network and energy companies are going to a loss. As a
consequence, they need in constant check of mechanical sate. The Frequency Response Analysis
(FRA) is convenience and effective method for analyzing the status of windings and core. The
method can be selected as an impulse frequency-response analysis (IFRA) and sweep frequency-
response analysis (SFRA). Also FRA is based on the graphical analysis. For this reason, the right
interpretation and simulation of signals are important in experiments. An early check based on
FRA may warn against further deterioration of the condition of the transformer.


Zhuldyz was born in Ust-Kamenogorsk, east Kazakhstan in 1995. Graduated Bachelor in Energy
Ensuring the Agriculture and Renewable Energy at Kazakh Agrotechnical University in Astana,
Kazakhstan. Now, she is a first-year student of MSc Electrical and Computer Engineering.

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Phone: +8 (708) 015 47 80

E-mail: zhuldyz.yelzhanova@nu.edu.kz