Meruyert Taukenova

Project Progress



With the demand of agricultural sustainable development renewable energy systems are often
applied to decrease the level of gas emission and to provide autonomous processing. Currently, the
greenhouses are being improved through application of different power and heat techniques, and
construction materials. The use of combination of different types of energy sources facilitates the
adequate environmental conditions for plants growth. This work will design and simulate the
greenhouse model powered by renewable energy systems in order to provide sustainable and efficient
power supply which is viable for Kazakhstan region.


Meruyert Taukenova received her Bachelor degree in power engineering in S.Seifullin Kazakh
Agro technical University, Astana, in 2015. Her capstone project was a power supply of pump station in
CHP-3 plant in Astana. During the period from January 2016 to August 2016 her working position was
Electrician in “Astana-REK” JSC. From August 2016 to November 2017 Meruyert had worked in “Astana-
REK” JSC at a position of engineer in the development department. Currently, Meruyert is M.Sc. student
of Electrical and Computer Engineering Department. Her research interests include renewable energy
systems and sustainable power supply in agriculture.

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Phone: +77012150588