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The wireless power transferring phenomenon now is divided into the two fields of the interest –
stationary and dynamic. Compared to the stationary charging, the dynamic type is much less
explored and, at the same time, is of the special interest since it potentially has more benefits.
After considering the results of the previous studies, it was obtained that despite the numerous
researches on the issue of coils design, none of them gives a completely effective solution to the
problem of power pulsations. The solution for this can be developing the appropriate transmitter
and receiver coils topologies. The purpose of the research is to provide the algorithm of
designing the coils so as to maximize the efficiency of power transferring and reduce the power


Daniyar Sypatayev received the B.Sc. degree in Electrical Power Engineering from “Almaty
University of Power Engineering and Telecommunications”, Almaty, Kazakhstan, in 2018, and
is currently a M.Sc. student at the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department of
Nazarbayev University, Astana. His fields of interest are power systems and renewable energy

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